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SAPIENCE is a law enforcement behavioral fitness-for-duty screening program developed by Psynetix Laboratories. SAPIENCE is a sophisticated software suite that assesses law enforcement personalities using a proprietary database of more than five million human behaviors classified into sixteen dimensions. SAPIENCE assesses personality by building custom combinations of evidence-based risk and protective factors on each individual assessed. The goal of SAPIENCE is to provide law enforcement agencies with street-ready candidates that are behaviorally capable of performing the stressful and often thankless job of policing in America.

Once a candidate is assessed, SAPIENCE generates a written and broad portfolio (called a “psyfolio”) of personality information, which can be used to aid in problem detection or inform further discussions with a candidate.  Though SAPIENCE is an information – not a decision – tool, its insightful findings can be used as actionable intelligence in the hiring process.  SAPIENCE can also be used to screen active officers and deputies prior to specialized assignment or promotion.