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A Closer Look at SIREN

SIREN – the Student Intervention Referral and Engagement Network – offers a way to ease counselor and staff burden while increasing intervention speed, accuracy and efficiency. 

Information + Context to Inform Interventions

In collaboration with campus counseling and public safety experts, SIREN quickly identifies, expands and customizes the personality insights needed for very precise intervention strategies of virtually every personality type. For campus mental health providers and public safety officials, the administrative aspects of classifying hundreds of students with problems ranging from mild relationship challenges to potentially violent behaviors can be overwhelming, to say the least.


SIREN offers a proactive opportunity to sort through vast amounts of information quickly and accurately, and then provide valuable context and recommendations for each and every student of concern. Such rich context can help officials design intervention plans that closely match each student’s personality and consequently allows each student in crisis to make the lifestyle changes necessary for their future health and social success. Using SIREN’s impactful insights, these changes can be identified and applied at exactly the right point in the student’s life and well before key relationships become toxic, before violence erupts, or before an arrest is imminent.


SIREN is machine learning transitioning to deep learning (artificial intelligence) poised to become a transformational force in student, faculty and campus safety. The software transitions as more users use SIREN—in other words, the more perspectives placed into SIREN, the better at predicting SIREN becomes.

Our Foundation is Built on 30+ Years of Research

SIREN has been in development since the Parkland school shooting, but its infrastructure has more than 30 years of highly specialized research behind its design and methods. Future versions of SIREN are already under development and will help stem campus bullying and prevent student suicide.

Meet Psynetix

Located near Nashville, Psynetix Laboratories is a groundbreaking behavioral intelligence company that operates in the educational, public safety and homeland security spaces. Psynetix researches, compiles and interprets behavioral trends and performs resultant analysis that transitions to become behavioral science assistive software.

Veteran & Minority Owned Business

Psynetix is a Service Disabled Veteran, Vietnam Veteran and Woman-owned Small Business

National Intelligence Experience

Three of our directors and founders are retirees from senior and sensitive positions in national defense intelligence.

Depth & Breadth of Experience

The research staff is comprised of doctoral-level behavioral, social and forensic data scientists alongside other experts with deep credentials in the disciplines of national security intelligence, military special operations intelligence, law enforcement, juvenile counseling, and correctional intervention.

Leaders in School Violence Prevention

Our team members are the heart of Psynetix Laboratories. Many once served on the frontlines of the military, law enforcement or intelligence services and are now advancing the frontiers of school violence prevention with the same dedication, commitment and patriotism they applied to their former careers.

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"I'm a middle school teacher and I have spent countless hours researching school shootings.  The lack of solutions made me feel like my students deserve better.  SIREN removes human politics, games, or incompetence.  Just objective, fact-driven solutions that matter."

– Joy Calwell, 8th Grade Teacher, Atlanta GA


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