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Psynetix Laboratories: Prevent school violence
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SIREN – the Student Intervention Referral and Engagement Network – is the first-ever technology designed to predict the potential for school violence. SIREN assesses students of concern using a proprietary database of more than five million behaviors classified into 16 personality dimensions. The platform offers student screening, intervention, and monitoring tools for the detection and prevention of behaviors associated with troubled students having tendencies toward aggression, violence and even self-harm. Such behaviors include those related to potential active shooters, bullying, sexual predation, or suicide.


SIREN uses machine learning to proactively illuminate patterns of behaviors and lifestyle which might indicate potentially dangerous thoughts or actions by a student, staff member, or campus visitor.



SIREN provides objective and meaningful insight into the behavior of students of concern so as to empower campus decision-makers to ensure institutional safety and security.


SIREN is an early warning platform that helps campus mental health professionals and law enforcement detect potentially violent students, identify their needs, decipher their intent, and choose the best forward-looking course of action leading to healthy resolution.


SIREN is designed to tie advanced technology, campus resources, and community experts together by ensuring varying perspectives are considered. This results in actionable intelligence underpinned by behavioral science best practices that can be quickly acted upon.

SIREN's Benefits


SIREN empowers schools and universities to identify students of concern and intervene before it’s too late.

Empower Users

SIREN empowers educational leadership, counselor and campus law enforcement insight and decision-making.


SIREN provides a uniform criteria that’s based on objective and unbiased behavioral science, 30 years of research and decades of practical experience in the public safety and national security arenas.


SIREN explores personality types and behavioral nuances through the lens of experts from a variety of fields including medicine, psychology, public safety, the courts, theology, sociology, and anthropology.

Increases Accuracy & Productivity

SIREN enhances analyst productivity reducing months of analysis to just hours, improves employee accuracy by removing bias.

SIREN Saves Time & Money

SIREN can be used by both experienced and brand new analysts just out of college or the police academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a parent with questions about how SIREN impacts students?  An educator interested in how SIREN improves threat assessment efficiency?  A campus law enforcement investigator wondering how SIREN can help generate actionable intelligence? Visit our FAQs page for additional insight.

Why was SIREN created?

Stop School Shootings. Save Student Lives.

SIREN has been in development since the Parkland school shooting, but its infrastructure has more than 30 years of highly specialized research behind its design and methods. Law enforcement and intelligence services have been using the processes behind SIREN since WWII.

Ease Counselor & Staff Assessment Burden

The administrative aspects of classifying hundreds of students with problems ranging from mild relationship challenges to potentially violent behaviors can be overwhelming, to say the least. SIREN automates the classification process while increasing intervention speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Customize Interventions to Students

SIREN designs intervention plans that closely match each student’s personality and consequently allows each student in crisis to make the lifestyle changes necessary for their future health and social success.

Understand Highly Complex & Challenging Problems

The best new and innovative technology is invisible. In an almost unbelievable way, a new platform seems to suddenly appear on-scene to help transform insurmountable, complex problems into solutions that are simple and intuitive. SIREN is just that—a novel and emerging technology that provides meaningful and actionable insights.









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"SIREN protects our future by enabling law enforcement to protect our students. Never before has there been a technological answer to preventing school violence. SIREN is an innovative game changer."

– Mark Gwyn, Director, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (Retired) and Past President, Association of State Criminal

Investigative Agencies

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