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SAPIENCE is a sophisticated software suite that assesses personalities using a proprietary database of more than five million human behaviors classified into sixteen dimensions. It builds custom combinations of evidence-based risk and protective factors on each individual assessed. SAPIENCE was based on more than a decade of experience building high-value human target (personality) packages in the special operations community. In later iterations, SAPIENCE added law enforcement, behavioral and social science, and other subject matter expert analytic methods and data to the platform, along with medical and psychological diagnosis information.


In its pre-customized form, SAPIENCE is human-machine collaborative software. It illuminates precipitating problems, mental and physical health issues, life difficulties, risk factors, and warning indicators relevant to identifying persons of concern for self-harm, violence, misconduct, and other dangerous behaviors. As output, the platform subsequently generates a written and broad portfolio (called a “psyfolio”) of personality information, which can be used to aid in problem detection and intervention recommendations. SAPIENCE allows for self-entry of personality data, which provides confidentiality and trust to patients—a factor in removing the stigma and hesitation associated with self-reporting.


The interface of SAPIENCE allows its risk factor data from a specific population to be collected for later machine learning validation and research, which enables the system to evolve to meet unique population-centric cultural and environmental demands. SAPIENCE can offer options for either (or both) suicide prevention triage or deep screening. In either case, the platform can assist human assessors and clinicians by significantly shortening each user’s time to value and increasing the ability of the command or clinic to process enterprise-scale data. Findings from SAPIENCE are routinely used to validate predictors, develop educational and training curricula, inform decision-makers, and to develop prevention strategies and programs.


Current data for SAPIENCE originated from data agreements with three major universities, and a two-year study conducted by Psynetix, as well as from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and several private academic sources.


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