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Who We Are

Following the horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Psynetix Laboratories set out to develop an effective information tool to assist with school safety initiatives.

Psynetix was initially founded in 2015 to work with the Department of Defense on threat assessment and to aid in disrupting concerning human behavioral patterns. In 2017, we redirected our resources toward preventing school violence. Now, we are proud to announce our innovative analytic machine learning platform to help schools proactively prevent acts of violence before they occur.

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Our Mission

We believe better tools create safer schools.

At Psynetix Laboratories, we research, compile, and interpret behavioral trends and perform resultant analysis that transitions to become behavioral science assistive software.


Our award-winning SIREN program leverages user input with cutting-edge, proprietary screening and intervention tools, empowering our users to detect early warning signs of violence and choose a dynamic course of action that leads to mutually beneficial outcomes for long-term health and social success.


We don’t predict the future. Instead, we equip our users with the information and tools necessary to make informed and accurate decisions about the best courses of action for campus and public safety. This vision, along with our commitment to public safety, is at the forefront of everything we do.


Psynetix is a service-disabled veteran, Vietnam veteran, and woman-owned Small Business.

Our Values


We constantly experiment, learn, and improve. Our platforms are expanded and updated regularly, ensuring the latest data and subject expertise is available to users in an ever-evolving world.


We treat all people with dignity and respect. Our platforms exceed the requirements of privacy laws, and all personal data stays with the affected school or agency.  Psynetix does not store personal information, thus safeguarding individual liberties.


Our platforms do not use black box algorithms. Users are trained in the method of analysis performed by our platforms to understand how and why the software works.

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