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What We Offer

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Our flagship program, the Student Intervention Referral and Engagement Network, or SIREN, helps academic institutions and policymakers prevent acts of campus and public violence, including bullying, suicide, self-harm, and school shootings. 

A Unique Approach

SIREN uses machine learning to perform behavioral forecasting. Behavioral forecasting is an analytical approach that aims to explain, interpret, and anticipate (within some margin of error) the choices and actions of an individual.

Benefits of Forecasting

Behavioral forecasting produces objective, scientific results that are free from any personal biases the user may have. SIREN examines an individual’s public-facing behaviors, communications, and challenges within the context of their total person and provides clear, actionable recommendations to assist in conflict resolution and prevent violence.

Rapid and Efficient Results

Behavior analysis and student assessments are typically conducted by overloaded school counselors, administrators, or campus police investigators focused on one individual at a time. SIREN enables each user to perform the work of an entire team in minutes while producing more timely and accurate risk assessments.

Empowered Decision-Makers

As SIREN is used, it trains users to seek, gather, and understand the information they need to prevent violence and make life-saving decisions. Our platform is designed to present complex data in plain language for users of all backgrounds.

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