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Introducing SIREN.

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Practical Technology with Breadth and Depth

SIREN assesses Student of Concern personalities using a proprietary database of more than five million human behaviors classified into sixteen personality dimensions.  The platform is designed to offer student screening and intervention tools for the prevention and detection of troubled students with tendencies toward violence (such as potential active shooters), bullying or suicide.  SIREN ties advanced technology, campus resources, and community experts together by considering varying perspectives.  Actionable intelligence underpinned by behavioral science best practices is developed so that it can be quickly acted upon.

SIREN helps inform and empower university and campus public safety decision-makers, parents, and critical others.  Ultimately, the goal of SIREN through the Florida Students of Concern Initiative is to increase campus safety and student, staff, and faculty welfare. Such concerns are accomplished by significantly improving the predictive precision and timeliness associated with mitigating human threats in the campus environment.  Using the new Psynetix platform, the Florida Students of Concern Initiative is accomplishing each of these goals.

Real and Meaningful Data, Not Just Theory
Mitigating the Mind Behind the Trigger Through Early and Deep Intervention

During the first year of the Florida Students of Concern Initiative, participating Florida universities, law enforcement agencies, and counseling personnel worked closely together to scientifically and objectively identify the behavioral indicators routinely employed by Students of Concern.  The indicators were derived from comparisons of more than 510 past violent attack events.  Psynetix then used this information to develop a SIREN algorithm to create scores related to varying threat levels and types.  In practice, those scores are then correlated to intervention and referral processes to help school experts determine viable next steps to protect the campus and, to the maximum extent possible, favor intervention over arrest.  SIREN’s automated and unique scoring-to-intervention model involves not only human-machine collaboration at its best, but also assures that interventions and risk protection orders (if necessary) flow quickly and to maximum effect. While traditional threat assessments tend to be based on a few common academic studies and can take days or weeks to complete, interpret and operationalize, SIREN’s algorithm is based on real-world attacks and has been found to take less than two hours to complete.

Insight and Psynetix SIREN: Your Gateways to Behavioral Forensics

Government and business experts have long sought an effective way to organize and employ the human behavioral sciences as investigative and screening tools.  Now, thanks to recent advances in technology including big data processing, increased computing power, and newly designed algorithms, Psynetix Laboratories has developed Insight and Psynetix SIREN—the world’s first Behavioral Forensics platforms.

With Predictive Human Personality Analytics at their core, Insight and Psynetix SIREN are advanced technologies. They were developed to perform deep behavioral analysis and to generate the actionable intelligence necessary to empower decision-makers, analysts and operators alike—capabilities once considered exclusive to human analysts with years of formal higher education in the behavioral sciences.   Now, expensive clinicians and consultants are no longer required.  Insight and Psynetix SIREN instantly help your team blend data from different sources, create compelling data visualizations, and run a variety of comprehensive analytic reports, all for the purpose of converting raw behavioral intelligence data into valuable and actionable information at decision-making speeds.

Intelligent Vigilance. Actionable Insights.

Psynetix Laboratories’ Personality Analytics helps organizations harness their unique human-centric data and use it to resolve challenges and identify new opportunities without violating privacy and without warrants. This enables smarter organizational psychology, more efficient operations, increased mission achievement and, in the case of business, higher profits. 

For government agencies and business alike, our sophisticated Personality Analytics technology will improve your decision-making and your bottom line

Reduced Costs

Insight for business, the military and national intelligence and SIREN for schools combines big data technologies including proprietary and sophisticated custom algorithms with cloud analytics.

Together, these technologies and methodologies result in significant cost savings when it comes to storing and processing large amounts of behavioral intelligence data – plus they can identify more efficient ways of doing business.

Faster and Better Decisions


Psynetix Laboratories is a company of analysts and investigators working for analysts and investigators. Each day, we innovate. We develop increasingly adaptive iterations of powerful and comprehensive technology founded upon a complex mixture of behavioral psychology and social experience. Insight’s in-memory analytics, combined with the ability to analyze new sources and vast amounts of human behavior data means your teams are able to analyze information immediately, develop actionable intelligence – and make decisions based on what they’ve learned.

Innovation in Human Behavior Analytics

Psynetix Laboratories is the world leader in Behavioral Forensics applied research and its positive influence on human behavior intelligence analysis, behavioral screening, and behavioral investigations. We’re on a scientific mission to expand traditional analytic boundaries.  We are developing advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms that can learn, without being taught, to execute complex human personality analysis. With emergent technologies acting as our force multiplier for human ingenuity, we see constant proof that new and exciting solutions are always within our reach—which means we will deliver them to you in a form you can use to impact your missions.

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"SIREN protects our future by enabling law enforcement to protect our students. Never before has there been a technological answer to preventing school violence. SIREN is an innovative game changer."

– Mark Gwyn, Director, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (Retired) and Past President, Association of State Criminal

Investigative Agencies

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