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Before arrests. Before casualties.

3 Uniquely Tailored Software Platforms

16 Dimensions of Human Behavior

5 Million+ Behaviors

13,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Unique Results



Psynetix Laboratories is an intelligence software development company based in the greater Nashville area working in the educational and public safety spaces.

Psynetix aims to enhance school and public safety by analyzing potential warning signs of violence through screening and early intervention tools.

machine learning accuracy in preventing violence


Objective and Standardized

Our platforms eliminate the biases of administrators, counselors, leadership, and law enforcement.

Transparent and Understood

Our platforms do not run black box algorithms - users are trained in the platforms' method of analysis.

Exceptional Accuracy

Recent studies have shown that pen and paper assessments average only 39% reliability, while machine learning assessments are as much as 97% accurate.

Informing Interventions

Our software guides the user to gather and understand the data they need to effectively prevent harm.



"I'm a middle school teacher and I have spent countless hours researching school shootings.  The lack of solutions made me feel like my students deserve better.  SIREN removes human politics, games, or incompetence.  Just objective, fact-driven solutions that matter."

Joy Caldwell

8th Grade Teacher, Atlanta GA

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